Coronation Street fans disgusted as Todd Grimshaw sets Paul Foreman up with a fake abuse victim


CORONATION Street fans are horrified after it was revealed Todd Grimshaw was setting up Paul Foreman with a fake victim of abuse.

The scheming salesman – who is played by actor Gareth Pierce in the ITV soap – had been seen encouraging Paul to volunteer for abused youths at a helpline.

Todd has come up with an evil plan

And when it emerged Paul had developed a trusted relationship with one caller who would only speak to him, Todd was full of praise.

He even manipulated Paul into giving out his personal number to the teenager, despite it being against protocol.

The teen told Paul how he was being physically abused by his stepdad.

Will even tried to get Paul to let him move in with him – and Paul told him no and he had to keep their meeting a secret.

He convinced the teen to do his dirty work for him

“It’s a waste of time,” raged Will at Paul. 

“I’m on my own, aren’t I? No-one even cares, people always say they can help but they never do. They’re all talk.”

But by the end of the episode it was revealed that Will was just someone Todd knew – who had a GCSE in drama.

Stepping out of the shadows in the alley behind the cobbles, Todd told Will: “He is absolutely on the hook, you must be acting your little socks off.”

They met in the dark in secret

He added: “He goes out with my ex and I don’t want him to. And when my ex finds out about this he’ll disapprove – he’s an archdeacon. 

“I like to pull the strings, it amuses me.”

Viewers were horrified as Todd told Will they were just getting started with his plan.

One wrote: “Todd is SO evil.”

A second said: “Todd’s such a b*****d.”

Another added: “Oof Todd… What Have You Done!!”