Coronation Street Fans Furious Over Big Problem with New Child Stars


Outcry over Age Discrepancies

Coronation Street fans have expressed their frustration as they called out a major issue concerning the show's new child stars. The popular ITV soap has always featured younger cast members alongside the adult characters, and one of the latest additions, Luca Toolan as Mason, has sparked controversy.

Character Age vs. Actor Age

Mason, a high school troublemaker who is already influencing other young characters such as Dylan Wilson and Liam Connor, has drawn criticism from some fans. Taking to a soap forum, one viewer stated, "This is another oversized child if he is supposed to be the same age as the other children. He looks about 20. Why do they keep doing this?"

Casting Decisions and Storylines

The age gap between the character of Mason and the actor portraying him, Luca Toolan, has caused concern among viewers. While the character is meant to be a Year 11 student, aged 15 to 16, the actor is actually 19 years old. Another forum member commented, "Seems odd in this story to cast such an older actor for what seems to be just a bad lad teen story, unless there is stuff to come I know nothing about."

Desire for Character Development

Some fans have also voiced their desire for more meaningful interactions between the younger characters. One fan pointed out, "Corrie could at least have built up a friendship between Liam and Dylan before they embarked on this tedious bad lad leading them astray plot. Have they even talked to each other before? I like the younger cast but can we have something else other than them just coming out the plot cupboard and getting straight into trouble?"

Coronation Street airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

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