Coronation Street fans make devastating prediction for Paul Foreman as he makes stupid decision


CORONATION Street fans have made a devastating predicting for Paul Foreman’s exit.

The builder – who is played by actor Peter Ash in the ITV soap – discovered this week that he is likely to be affected by motor neurone disease and have limited time to live.

Corrie fans fear for Paul after he made a stupid decision on tonight’s episode

Damon put him in contact with some very dodgy men

With his debts building and the impact of the news on him, Paul has been struggling.

But tonight he made a dangerous decision that could see him die behind bars.

His sister Gemma’s wedding is in danger after the venue went bust and with no refund coming, Paul approached gangster Damon Hay to beg for any criminal work to do for quick cash.

Damon put him in contact with some very dodgy men who had Paul steal a car as part of an insurance scam.

Pulling it off successfully, he handed over the cash to his sister for her wedding and went home to lie to Billy about what he’d been doing.

But after Billy left, Paul made a shocking decision.

Picking up his phone, he called the gangster and offered himself up for further criminal activities.

“I did that little job for you this afternoon,” he said.

“All went fine, nothing to worry about mate. But if you’ve got anything else like that, give me a shout. 

“Doesn’t matter how short notice. Can’t wait to hear from you. Cheers mate.”

Fans are worried Paul will end up spending his remaining time alive in prison.

One wrote: “Don’t do it Paul. This is only going to end one way.”

A second said: “Oh no Paul! You’re going to end up in prison or worse.”

Another added: “This could cost Paul big time if he fails.”