Coronation Street fans slam soap for ‘forgetting’ storylines after just weeks on screens


ITV viewers have slammed the soap for “useless plot” after failing to revisit them just weeks after they aired.

Corrie fans were left baffled after major storylines, Summer Spellman’s eating disorder and Gemma Winter’s social services investigation, are forgotten.

Bertie found Gemma’s tablets while under her care

Gemma’s investigation with social services was not mentioned since

And Summer’s eating disorder has been forgotten too

Gemma was forced to shut down her day-care services after Bertie inadvertently took antidepressants when Gemma was supposed to be looking after him.

The mother-of-five fell asleep from exhaustion and had no idea Bertie was going through her bag.

Daniel and Daisy arrived to No 5 to find Gemma asleep and the packet of tablets on the floor next to Bertie. A panicked Daniel rushed Bertie to the hospital for examination.

Luckily, the doctor assured Daniel that Bertie would have no lasting side effects from taking the tablets.

Daniel later told a horrified Gemma he’d be making alternate childcare arrangements.

Consequently, Gemma then got a call from social services about the incident, leaving her terrified that her own children would be taken away.

However, the outcome of the investigation was never addressed or mentioned again.

Taking to Reddit, one fan asked: “Is Gemma still being investigated by the social? Did I miss something and this was cleared up or is she still under investigation for what happened with Bertie?

“I know she can’t babysit anymore but isn’t there meant to be more to it? She’s been kind of pushed onto a different path instead.”

Another added: “Yet again another storyline forgotten by the writers.”

A third penned: “You didn’t miss anything. It may come up again (though I doubt it). It was another entirely useless plot point.” 

Summer Spellman’s eating disorder is another storyline the soap has failed to update viewers on.

She frequently threw up her food and reduced the amount she ate which resulted in her passing out.

Getting diagnosed with diabetes created more complications for the teenager.

She has had many arguments with her guardian Billy Mayhew about tracking her glucose levels.

However, Summer has recently been distracted by her best friend Amy’s rape ordeal.

Amy was raped by Summer’s ex boyfriend Aaron Sanford, who has now left Weatherfield.

And since then, the soap has failed to mention Summer’s health and eating disorder.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITX.

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