Coronation Street fans spot chilling clue Stephen Reid will murder mum Audrey Roberts

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CORONATION Street have spotted a chilling clue that Stephen Reid is going to murder his own mum Audrey Roberts.

The killer businessman – who is played by actor Todd Boyce in the ITV soap – has already murdered engineer Leo to keep his money troubles secret but tonight he went even further.

How far is Stephen Reid willing to go for money?

Stephen has already murdered one Weatherfield resident

Having successfully enlisted his ex wife Gabrielle to pretend to be Audrey, Stephen took out more than £200k from Audrey’s home equity to pay off his debts.

He insisted it would all be fine because by the time anyone discovered what he had done, Audrey would be dead and he would be out of the country.

However Audrey put a spanner in the works with an announcement at a family meal – and fans fear she will die because of it.

As the family arrived for the meal, Audrey had an announcement to make.

“Me and Sam are going on a Northern Lights cruise because he’s been through such a rough time lately and I wanted to treat him,” she said.

But there was more to come.

“Life’s short,” she said.

“Life is for living and this is just the beginning. Of all the adventures still to come. I’m going to live the dream. 

“And then I’m going to do an equity release thing on Grasmere Drive and the world will be my lobster. 

“I’ve seen the adverts, it’s easy. You just have to fill in a few forms and then I will have enough money to live life to the full.”

However while Audrey was thrilled, Stephen was less so as her plans put his entire scheme at risk.

He had just taken more than £200k from his mum’s estate using an equity release scam.

He raged at Audrey, insisting that equity release was a bad idea.

But she snapped and put him in his place – leaving fans terrified for Audrey.

They are worried that once she discovers the truth that Stephen could kill her.

One wrote: “I’m quite concerned for Audrey’s welfare. This spells danger and I don’t like it, not one bit.”

A second said: “Praying that Audrey will be ok. Stephen is not to be trusted!”

Another added: “Audrey snapping at Stephen won’t go down well in his head. Watch out…”

Could his family find out what he’s really up to?

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