Coronation Street fans spot major blunder with Alya Nazir before Geoff fell to his death


CORRIE fans spotted a major blunder with hero Alya Nazir before Geoff fell to his death and got his comeuppance at last. 

The ITV soap is celebrating its 60th-anniversary with several tense storylines reaching their climax.

Geoff fell to his death and got pecked by the chickens

On Wednesday evening’s episode of Corrie, horrible Geoff – played by actor Ian Bartholomew – lured Yasmeen into the pair’s home and locked the door, trapping her inside. 

The evil abuser then poured petrol everywhere and set it alight, taunting his wife all the time. 

Luckily Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir managed to make her way into the locked building and up onto the roof following a dramatic earlier clash with Geoff.

After a showdown on the roof, Geoff Metcalfe finally met his end after over a year of abuse against Yasmeen. 

Yasmeen came very close to being killed by her abusive husband
Luckily her daughter Alya was on hand to save her

While viewers at home were delighted to see Geoff fall to his death, many wondered how Alya had managed to get into the house in the first place. 

Not only had she got a nasty whack to the head by him earlier but the door to the house was locked. 

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, many questioned the obvious plot holes in the storyline. 

One wrote: “Great episode, but how did Alya get into a locked & burning house after being knocked out at the restaurant? #Corrie.”

“Well #Corrie was a bit stupid? Is the house still burning down? Did Alya walk through fire to climb onto a roof? Can we do it all again once Covid restrictions have passed?,” added another

A third wondered: “Is it just me….where did Alya appear from hanging off the roof? The doors were locked, there was a fire, and she was unconscious??? #Corrie”

Evil Geoff set the house on fire with himself and Yasmeen in it

Yasmeen tried to save Geoff even after everything he had done

A fourth remarked: “Slowest fire ever. Alya got smacked across the head not a scratch on her managed to get out to get through a petrol fire unmarked climb on a roof all the time no one noticed anything in the street that’s so nosey… #Corrie.”

“How did Alya get in the house, then past the fire and then on the roof without Geoff hearing? Obviously a far better magician than Geoff #Corrie,” joked a fifth. 

Geoff fell to his death after he slipped from the roof and while dying got pecked by Yasmeen’s surviving chickens.

Viewers will remember how he killed and forced Yasmeen to eat her favourite chicken Charlotte Bronte.

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