Coronation Street Shock: Aadi Alahan Left for Dead After Cheating Scandal


A Moment of Betrayal

Coronation Street's Aadi Alahan finds himself caught in the middle of a cheating scandal with Nina Lucas, the girlfriend of his twin sister Asha. The unexpected moment occurs during their joint birthday celebrations in the New Year.

A Relationship on the Brink

Asha and Nina have been grappling with insecurities in their relationship, particularly concerning Asha's friendship with Isla. As tensions rise, their bond becomes increasingly strained in the coming months.

The Birthday Lunch Explosion

During Aadi and Asha's birthday lunch, secrets come to light. Aadi and Nina find themselves unable to resist each other and share a passionate kiss. However, their actions have grave consequences as the truth is revealed.

A Deadly Discovery

Unbeknownst to Asha, Aadi lies unconscious in his flat with a broken carbon monoxide alarm. Will anyone realize what has happened to him in time?

Will Aadi Survive?

The aftermath of the cheating scandal leaves Aadi's fate uncertain. As tensions heighten in Coronation Street, the consequences of his actions could prove fatal.