Coronation Street Shock: Police Make Decision on Peter Barlow Killing


Police Decision Leaves Peter Barlow and Fans in Shock

In a shocking turn of events on Coronation Street, the police have made a decision regarding Peter Barlow's involvement in the killing of Stephen Reid. Played by actor Chris Gascoyne, Peter faced further questioning from the authorities.

A Surprising Outcome

After being subjected to more intense questioning, Peter was left in the company of his nephew and lawyer, Adam, while the police took their leave to review the evidence. However, upon their return, they had an unexpected announcement for Peter.

Free to Go

"I’m sure you’d rather we took the time to process all the evidence and come back to you with a decision," the police officer stated, effectively silencing Adam. She continued, "Having considered the CCTV, forensics, witness statements and so forth, we’ve decided not to proceed."

Peter was visibly taken aback by the news and asked, "I’m not going to prison?" To which DS Swain replied, "No. We wanted to confirm that you can’t possibly have known that Mr Reid was going to harm Mrs Connor, which we have. As far as we’re concerned, you were purely motivated by a desire to protect her from possibly lethal harm."

Although DS Swain expressed her disapproval of Peter's methods and her preference for seeing Mr Reid face justice in court, she concluded, "But I can’t hold you, so you’re free to go." Peter, still in shock, asked if there would be any follow-up, to which DS Swain responded, "Not unless there’s something you want to confess to?"

Actor Chris Gascoyne's Departure

This surprising twist comes as fans of Coronation Street were aware that actor Chris Gascoyne will be leaving the show. This unexpected turn of events has left viewers wondering about the future of Peter Barlow's character and Gascoyne's involvement in the soap.

One fan wrote, "So what happens now?" while another questioned, "Does that mean Chris is staying on Corrie?" However, many fans expressed their happiness for Chris, with one saying, "Happy for Chris! Good news."