Coronation Street slapped with 112 Ofcom complaints after Daryan’s harrowing racist assault scenes


CORONATION Street has sparked a series of complaints over its latest harrowing storyline.

There has been 112 complaints to the broadcast watchdog Ofcom over Daryan Zahawi, played by promising newcomer Twana Omer.

Daryan was chased by the thugs

The story has prompted 112 Ofcom complaints

In the disturbing scenes, Daryan, who has come to the UK from Iraq, was attacked in a racially motivated assault by Griff and his dodgy assailants.

The group attached the young Speed Daal waiter as he left work with one declaring: “You don’t belong here.”

The thugs cornered Daryan and attacked him as he tried to escape.

It comes as Griff and his gang have successfully managed to lure wayward teen Max Turner into their right-wing gang.

Max initially befriended Daryan when the refugee attempted to integrate with the Weatherfield community with Max and Maria Connor’s help.

However after Max believed that Daryan took his place at his former school, relations between the pals went down hill pretty quickly.

The boys soon found themselves working together at Speed Daal but after a series of racist incidents, Daryan and Alya found themselves targeted by Max and the gang.

Fans of the show took to social media to share their horror at the upsetting scenes.

One said: “I’ve had enough of this racist storyline #corrie! Absolutely VILE!”

Another added: “Just outrageous this. I know you put warnings out but just not #corrie this trash.”

While a third noted:  “I am completely sickened.”

There were other racist incidents in the episode as well including one scene where Griff shockingly said to a stunned Alya: “I see you speak English so read my lips.”

He added: “Stop harassing young lads in the street alright? it’s weird and take you’re little migrant mate and stay away.”

Prior to the disturbing assault on Daryan, the thugs enlisted Spider to douse the restaurant in red paint as a first warning sign.

However, unbeknown to them, Spider is working undercover for the police in a bid to take them down.

The gang attacked the teen

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.