Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt charged with attempted murder as rapist Josh LIES to frame him


POOR David Platts life looks like it could be wrecked for a second time by evil rapist Josh Tucker in Coronation Street tonight.

Davids due to tie the knot with Shona Ramsey in the coming weeks and shell tell Gail and Sarah that the balance is due to be paid on the wedding venue.

David Platt is being framed for Josh’s attempted murder in Coronation Street

But shes worried as theres no guarantee David whos played by Jack P Shepherd in the ITV soap – will be out of prison in time. Gail is positive that Davids telling the truth about not stabbing Josh.

Shona gets a nasty shock though when Imran texts her and tells her that David has been charged with attempted murder.

Shona then reaches out to a newly-bearded Nick and begs him to visit David in prison, hoping Nick can get the truth out of him.

In Thursdays episode, David prepares for his hearing and Abe urges him to stick to the story unless he wants to end up like Josh.

Shona and Gail, along with Nick and Sarah, all arrive at court where they hear David, Abe and Tez all plead not guilty to attacking Josh.

But to the Platt clans horror David is refused bail and remanded in custody until the trial.

Later, Imran visits the shocked Platts with the news that Josh has regained

David Platt’s lawyer Imatan is given some bad news in Coronation Street

consciousness. Shona hopes that hell clear things up by revealing that David actually saved his life.

But her hopes are soon dashed when Imran tells her that Josh has lied to the police and framed David for his attempted murder.

A horrified David tries to get Abe and Tez to come clean about what really happened, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

And when he tells them hes going to speak to the governer, hes left shaken when the thugs threaten Max and Lily.

Could David end up with a life sentence for something he didnt even do?

David was stunned when he came face to face with rapist Josh earlier this month, learning he was in prison for drugging and raping another man.

When he confessed to Abe that Josh had done the same to him, he was given the chance of getting ultimate revenge when, during a riot, Josh was dragged to his cell.

But David couldnt bring himself to kill Josh, instead telling him that he wanted him to live with what hed done.