Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Alahan humiliates daughter Asha by accusing her boyfriend Corey of forcing her into sex


DEV Alahan humiliates daughter Asha next week in Coronation Street by accusing her boyfriend Corey of forcing her into having sex. 

Asha’s world came down when she was embroiled in a sexting scandal back in April after a naked video Corey had secretly recorded of her made its way onto the internet.

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Dev accuses Corey of forcing Asha into having sex with him

Viewers were disgusted when the police told a heartbroken Dev they couldn’t do anything seeing as Asha willingly stripped.

Instead, Dev pulled Asha and Aadi out of Weatherfield High and sent them to private school Oakhill in an attempt to give them a fresh start. 

Dev confronts Asha after hearing she’d been seen coming out of the doctors

But now Dev will be furious to learn that Corey has still managed to get his claws into Asha.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Aadi reveal that Corey gave Asha a pair of trainers – and that they’re dating again.

Later, Dev persuades Aadi to have a day out with him but when he hears Asha was seeing coming out of the doctors, he confronts her with guns blazing. 

Corey secretly recorded a naked video of Asha which found its way onto the internet

Asha is horrified when Dev then confronts Corey on the streets and accuses Corey of pressurising her to have sex when she’s underage. 

As Dev rages at Corey, he realises a little too late that he’s missed the shopping trip with Aadi.

Later, Aadi and Asha accuse Dev of treating them both like children. 

Tim advises Dev to stop treating the twins like babies and listen to what they say. 

Later, Dev admits that his parenting skills aren’t always the best and, when the teens tell him they want to return to Weatherfield High, Dev agrees they can return to their old school instead of Oakhill.

But it seems Dev’s concerns weren’t totally misguided as later, Corey tells Asha they should spend more quality time together now she’s on the pill.

Will Asha realise Corey is bad news?

Speaking to Digital Spy about the impact of the sexting scandal back in April, actress Tanisha Gorey – who plays Asha – said: “Asha thinks it’s Corey who put the picture out there, so therefore she feels it’s her own wrongdoing and she doesn’t want anyone else knowing about it.

“She just wants the ground to open and swallow her up, she wants no attention drawn to it whatsoever. She thought she could trust Corey and she made a bad judgement call. She’s humiliated and she doesn’t want it all dredging up anymore, as it’s bad enough.”

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