Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker dumps Seb and moves in with dad Steve McDonald


THERE’s bad news for troublesome Seb Franklin next week in Coronation Street when his girlfriend Emma dumps him and moves in with dad Steve McDonald.

The spurned lover realises that Seb is more interested in Alina than her and decides to move out when Seb refuses. 

Emma decides to move out when Seb refuses to

Corrie viewers have watched Seb sniffing around his ex Alina ever since she returned to the cobbles at the start of the year.

After Seb discovered she was at the centre of a people trafficking scandal last year, their relationship ended when she went back to Romania to her family.

Alina then returned last Christmas for Seb only to realise he’d moved on with Emma.

Since Alina’s return Seb has insisted he’s not interested in Alina, but Emma has grown increasingly suspicious of his true feelings.

Her suspicions will be confirmed this week when Seb flies into a rage after seeing Alina and David on a date

Seb can’t control himself and ends up punching David when he goads Seb about being jealous. 

Emma wastes little time in telling Seb he’s finally shown his true colours – chucking him out of the house.

Seb is still protective of his ex Alina

In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Emma is still reeling from the trouble Seb caused in the pub. 

Seb returns after spending the night at a mate’s and assures her that he’s not interested in anyone else. 

Later, Seb corners Alina in the cafe and says she needs to move out. 

Emma and Seb then continue to argue and, when Seb refuses to move out, Emma says that she’ll go instead.

A dejected Emma then takes up Steve’s offer of living with him and Tracy. 

Is this well and truly the end of Seb and Emma, or can he win her back?