Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby attacks drug dealer Jacob when he insults dead son Oliver


LEANNE Battersby attacks drug dealer Jacob next week in Coronation Street when he insults her dead son Oliver. 

The grieving mother – who is played by actress Jane Danson in the ITV soap – recently lashed out at her own son Simon when he drilled into her that Oliver was dead. 

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Nick coaxes the truth out of Sam about Simon and Jacob kidnapping a teenager

Leanne discovered that Simon had been planting the feathers she thought were signs of Oliver’s love, and slapped him when he told her she can’t communicate with her dead son during their furious showdown.

Next week, Leanne will head further on a downward spiral as she struggles to keep Simon under control.

Nick coaxes the truth about Simon and Jacob out of Sam after the youngster has a meltdown at school and attacks another pupil. 

Leanne confronts Simon but he insists they need the money

Later, Nick confronts Simon about the kidnapping, but he lies and insists it was just a prank.

Later, Simon tells Jacob he’s got his bag back and is ready to complete the delivery but Leanne confronts him when she spies the drugs packages. 

Simon snaps and tells Leanne he’s dealing so he can put food on the table. 

Simon brings home Jacob and Leanne retreats to her room

Leanne urges Simon to go to the police but a horrified Simon explains that his boss will kill him for grassing him up.

When Simon returns home with Jacob, a terrified Leanne retreats to her room. 

When she finally emerges, she’s horrified to see Simon and Jacob counting their drugs money. 

Leanne objects when she finds them counting drugs money
Leanne attacks Jacob when he insults Oliver

It all kicks off when Leanne objects, with Jacob mumbling a nasty comment about her dead son. 

As Leanne flies into a rage and tries to grab him, she smashes Oliver’s music box. 

Later, Leanne begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing, but Simon points out they need the money.

Leanne runs to Carla and asks her for help. 

Carla tells Leanne she doesn’t want Peter involved, and later takes matters into her own hands, warning Jacob to back off. 

Will he listen?