Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald conned out of thousands over roof troubles


STEVE McDonald hasn’t been on the forefront of all the Weatherfield drama.

Next week in Coronation Street, however, the co-owner of Street Cars is scammed over some roof troubles.

Steve’s roof is leaking
Ed corners him in the cobbles

He tells him No.3 has the same problem

In recent months, Steve McDonald (portrayed by Simon Gregson) has shown off his protective streak, particularly after his daughter Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) was spiked and started dating former drug dealer Jacob Hay.

In upcoming scenes of the ITV soap, Amy has some more bad news to break to her father when she informs him of a leaky ceiling at No.1.

Fuming, Steve blames Jacob’s cowboy burglar friend for making a botched job of the roof repairs.

Later on, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) collars Steve and reveals that his own roof at No.3 Coronation Street is also leaking.

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This prompts Steve’s partner Tracy (Kate Ford) to urge him to hire a professional to fix the roof rather than let him tackle it himself.

While on a drive and as he drops off a passenger named Viv, Steve learns her husband is a roofer and offers to send him round No.1 to price up the job.

Viv’s husband Arnie then shows up and, after surveying the roof, asserts that he can start straight away – but it’ll cost £3k and the payment has to be made up front.

Tracy is concerned but Steve is an optimist and decides to hand over the money.

He soon realises his mistake when Arnie the roofer doesn’t turn up at No.1 again.

Tracy rails at him for paying the man but matters go from bad to worse when John the scaffolder pulls up outside No.1.

Much like Arnie, he also asks for an up front payment, leaving Steve confused.

Steve desperately tries to explain that he’s already paid and that he was told the scaffolding was included in the price.

Sadly for him, John corrects him and tells Steve this was never the case.

Reality dawns on Steve and he realises that something isn’t quite right.

But will he find Arnie?

Will he get his money back?

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More importantly, will the roof ever be fixed?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

Tracy shares concerns over the situation

But things only get worse