Coronation Street spoilers: Tim and Sally leave Weatherfield and Todd Grimshaw makes contact tonight


CORONATION Street’s Tim and Sally Metcalfe will leave the cobbles tonight as Todd Grimshaw’s comeback begins.

The couple – who are played by actors Joe Duttine and Sally Dyvenor in the ITV soap – decide they need to get away from Weatherfield and Tim’s evil dad Geoff.

Sally and Tim leave the cobbles tonight

Tim has refused to accept his dad’s abusive nature, no matter what evidence is in front of him, and Sally refuses not to support her friend Yasmeen who snapped over her traumatic treatment.

Viewers have watched over recent weeks as Geoff has done his best to destroy his son’s marriage – and Tim has let him.

But when he discovers that Geoff threatened Sally during a row last week, he decides enough is enough.

Finally putting his marriage first, he packs up the car and they leave to go and stay with Gina for a while.

They leave to get away from evil Geoff
Billy wants to find missing Todd

Meanwhile while two residents leave another is set for a comeback tonight when Todd Grimshaw makes contact.

Todd went on the run in 2017 after assaulting a police officer in an off-screen altercation due to actor Bruno Langley getting sacked.

Tonight’s episode will see the beginnings of Todd’s return story as Mary and Sean open Eileen’s post and discover a letter from Todd demanding one thousand pounds. 

Billy encourages them to tell Eileen but Sean hatches a plan to check it’s really Todd. 

Later, Sean texts Todd and is shocked when he gets a reply asking for the money to be hidden in Victoria Gardens. 

Mary, Sean and Billy plant a wad of fake cash in Victoria Gardens and wait with baited breath for Todd to rock up. 

But will he be there?