Coronation Street spoilers: Tim Metcalfe apologises to Alya as Yasmeen is given hope for freedom as Geoff is exposed


TIM Metcalfe apologises to Alya Nazir next week in Coronation Street after he and Sally recover Geoff’s deleted CCTV footage. 

Alya has been trying to convince Tim his dad is an abuser ever since Yasmeen was arrested for Geoff’s attempted murder.

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Tim apologises to Alya after realising she’s been right about Geoff all along

But Geoff was having none of it and told Alya to stop spreading poison about his dad, despite seeing a number of warning signs.

Fans will remember that Tim turned a blind eye when he walked in on Yasmeen trapped in Geoff’s magic box, as well as when he stumbled upon Geoff deleting footage from his laptop.  

But Tim will tell Sally about Geoff’s hidden camera and CCTV footage this week after Alya smashes up Speed Daal.

When Tim and Geoff head round to sort out the mess, Ryan tells Tim that Geoff has been terrorising Alya for months. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Tim, Sally and Faye try and recover the footage from Geoff’s laptop after Sally steals it from his house. 

Later, the police arrive and tell Geoff that new evidence has appeared – and that they have some questions for him. 

Alya has been trying to show Tim Geoff’s true colours for weeks

Sally steals Geoff’s laptop

Have Sally and Tim recovered the footage of his final argument with Yasmeen?

Having finally realised that Sally was right about Geoff all along, Tim worries for Elaine’s wellbeing and decides to track her down. 

Later, Tim returns from bolton and tells Sally, Alya and Imran that there was no sign of Elaine. 

Faye, Sally and Tim try to recover the deleted CCTV footage

He also says that, judging by the huge pile of post on her mat, she hasn’t been there for a while. 

Has Geoff killed and buried Elaine?

Tim tells Alya how sorry he is for failing to see that she was right about Geoff all along. 

Joe Duttine – who plays Tim – previously explained why his character was taking so long to see Geoff’s true colours. 

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actor said: “Remember that Tim isn’t aware of what the rest of the nation knows about Geoff.

“Tim only reacts to the interactions he has with his dad, and he doesn’t want to believe that he could do anything wrong. Some families have to close ranks and protect their own, which is what Tim is doing. But I think Tim is starting to feel as if something isn’t quite right.”

The actor added: “Tim will see cracks in the picture he has of Geoff.”

“It’s a slow burn, and Tim’s remaining loyal to his dad until the stage he can no longer do so. We may be getting closer to that stage.”