Coronation Street spoilers: Todd Grimshaw flees Weatherfield after ex Billy Mayhew rejects him


TODD Grimshaw flees Weatherfield after his ex Billy Mitchell rejects his advances next week in Coronation Street. 

Todd has been attempting to sabotage Billy’s relationship with Paul ever since he returned to the cobbles last year. 

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Billy approaches Todd after Eileen reveals he’s leaving

The schemer eventually succeeded when he instructed fake abuse victim Will to break into Billy’s flat and smash things up and caused Summer’s horror road accident, which Billy blamed on Paul – and dumped him.

Next week, viewers will see Todd confide in Eileen about how he’s wondering about taking a job in Bromsgrove to distance himself from Billy. 

When Billy quizzes Paul about his night out, defensive Paul tells him it’s none of his business. 

Billy is left in turmoil and feels even worse when Eileen corners him and tells him that Todd wants to leave Weatherfield because of him. 

Billy tells Todd not to leave on his account

Billy approaches Todd and begs him not to leave on his account, but is shocked by Todd confesses his undying love. 

How will Billy react?

Later in the week, Summer tells Billy he needs to decide between Paul or Todd or he’ll end up losing both of them. 

But Paul makes the decision for him when, after some advice from Todd, he tells Billy he’s moved on and that he ought to do the same. 

Billy is shocked when Todd confesses his undying love

But Todd isn’t happy when Billy tells him he still has feelings for Paul and that it’d be better if he moved away. 

Sarah is furious when Todd hands his notice in and leaves her in the lurch. 

Later, Paul admits to Daniel that he hasn’t got a new boyfriend but put on an act for Billy’s sae. 

Daniel urges him to be honest with Billy and he agrees it’s for the best. 

How will Billy react when Paul admits his true feelings?

Speaking about how Todd’s lies will eventually come to light, Corrie boss Ian MacLeod recently told “[It’s an]Incredibly toxic love story.

“I love Todd, Gareth [Pierce] has been a real find and he has a natural chemistry with Dan Brocklebank.

“Todd never goes with something in a normal way – it’s bags of skullduggery, he kind of enjoys his torturing, he is very selfish when he wants something and that prize in this case is Billy.

“In an underhand way, he undermines Billy and Paul’s relationship – he will get what he wants but the lengths he goes to will be his undoing.

He added: “In an explosive and thriller-ish way later in the year, Todd’s deceit will come to light.”