Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir fights back and refuses to leave her house as Ray fails to pay her for it


YASMEEN Nazir fights back against Ray Crosby and refuses to leave her house when he fails to pay her for it next week in Coronation Street. 

The evil property developer – who is played by Mark Frost in the ITV soap – began evicting residents after he won planning approval for his new development in the new year.

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Mick tells Ray he’s got 24 hours to find him his money

But it looks like his luck is about to change as next week viewers will see Faye head to the police station with Craig’s support and accuse Ray of rape.

Meanwhile, Mick chucks Ray out of the back of his van and tells him he’s got just 24 hours to find the money. 

Debbie reminds Ray that they’re completing No’s 4 and 6 today so he better have got the cash. 

Debbie is stunned when Ray tells her he’s used the money they need to complete house sales

Ray puts on a brave face but later meets up with Susan, the Chairperson of the planning committee, who tells him she wants £20k or she’ll reveal he bribed her. 

When Ray tells Debbie he had to use the money for the houses to pay off Mick and Susan, Debbie is flabbergasted. 

She gets more of a shock, however, when Ray is arrested on suspicion of rape. 

Yasmeen’s solicitor rings and tells her Ray’s funds haven’t been cleared
Yasmeen refuses to leave her home until she’s seen Ray’s money

After he’s released, Ray makes a desperate attempt to stop the house sales falling through by ringing the bank.

Alya helps Yasmeen pack up the last of her things but they’re stopped in their tracks when her solicitor rings and says there’s been a delay as Ray’s funds haven’t cleared. 

Yasmeen asserts that she won’t be moving anywhere until she sees Ray’s money – and that she won’t be bullied by another man following her ordeal with her late husband and abuser Geoff. 

Yasmeen’s late husband Geoff bullied her for months in the soap’s controversial coercive control storyline

When Alya tells David about Ray’s cash flow problem, David heads to find Ray and threatens to stay at No.8. 

But Ray turns violent and insists he’ll have David thrown out if he doesn’t comply.

Later in the week, Yasmeen returns to work at Speed Daal but it’s clear she’s not quite herself and eventually ends up suffering a panic attack. 

Elaine comes to Yasmeen’s rescue and suggests doing things she’d know that Geoff would disapprove of as a kind of therapy. 

Later in the week, Elaine offers to help Yasmeen out at Speed Daal and Yasmeen gives her a week’s trial.