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Coronation Street Star Sue Nicholls Fears for Audrey Roberts’ Future as Son’s Crimes Unfold


Sue Nicholls, beloved actress of Coronation Street, has expressed her concerns about the fate of her character, Audrey Roberts, as her son Stephen Reid's actions come to light.

Audrey's Life at Risk?

Nicholls, who has portrayed the hairdresser since 1979, worries that Audrey's journey may be nearing its end.

When asked about the potential danger Audrey faces from Stephen, Nicholls replied, "Yes, I did, I think we all thought that we could be at risk."

She continued, "Actually, I still think that what has happened with Stephen could see Audrey off. We are all only on one-year contracts, so you never know."

The aftermath of Stephen's actions this week and the subsequent confrontation will deeply affect Audrey. She becomes a victim in many respects, leaving us to wonder how she will cope.

Audrey's Confrontation

In tonight's episode of Coronation Street, Audrey finally discovers the truth about her son Stephen stealing the equity in her house.

Shocked by the revelation that her own flesh and blood could commit such a betrayal, Audrey decides to confront him and demand answers.

When Audrey storms in on Stephen being attacked by Peter Barlow, she fiercely defends her son, sending Peter away with a flea in his ear.

However, as she confronts her son about his actions, she is left horrified by his response.

Blame Game

How will Audrey react when Stephen starts blaming his crimes on her decision to give him up for adoption as a baby?

Stephen's willingness to go to any lengths to escape Weatherfield raises concerns about Audrey's safety. Could she be his next victim?

With Audrey missing and news of Stephen's dark past reaching the Platts, the family embarks on a search for her. Will they find her in time?

A Beloved On-Screen Family

Sue Nicholls also shared her deep affection for her on-screen Platt family.

"I adore the Platt family, it's as if they are my family," she exclaimed. "I see them more than I see my darling sister in London. Audrey and her family take up such a lot of my time, and I love them."

Nicholls went on to praise her co-stars, saying, "I wouldn't be in the show if it wasn't for Helen, and the relationship between Gail and Audrey is wonderful. You often see them niggling at each other, but we have had some lovely heart-to-heart scenes recently which I have really enjoyed."

She also mentioned her fondness for her on-screen grandson Jack, played by Ben Price, and the newer members of the family such as Max, played by Paddy McGuinness, and young Jude, who portrays Sam.

It's evident that the bond amongst the Platt family extends beyond the screen, bringing joy to Nicholls and making her feel blessed.

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