Coronation Street viewers bombard Ofcom with complaints over ‘traumatic’ Geoff Metcalfe stabbing storyline


CORONATION Street viewers flooded broadcasting watchdog Ofcom with 284 complaints after Yasmeen stabbed evil abuser Geoff in the neck with a wine bottle.

The villain finally got his comeuppance on Friday after making wife Yasmeen’s life hell for months – but the violent scenes left fans feeling sick to their stomachs.

Coronation Street viewers flooded broadcasting watchdog Ofcom with 284 complaints after Yasmeen stabbed evil abuser Geoff in the neck

The character, played by Shelley King, smashed the monster around the head with a bottle, before jamming the jagged end into his throat.

As one viewer put it: “I’m struggling to remember a more disturbing half hour of soap.”

Friday’s episode saw Geoff ramp up his abuse, culminating in a furious tirade which left some viewers struggling to watch.

Forcing her to wear a red dress he’d bought for a prostitute, the foul man dragged out her off to the Roves to see Sally and Tim – before dropping the bombshell that he’d handed over her money to pay for their wedding.

Yasmeen was shocked that she’d handed over a fortune without consulting her, but Geoff barked: “You want to do this now? Get your coat. Shift. Don’t you dare turn the waterworks on in here.”

Geoff Metcalfe wound up twitching on the floor after being stabbed in the throat by wife Yasmeen
Demented Geoff well and truly lost it at the end of tonight’s Coronation Street
Yasmeen cowered in terror before grabbing a bottle and taking Geoff down

He then dragged her out of the Rovers and back to No.6, where he launched into an unspeakably cruel rant where he hurled food at her and admitted sleeping with prostitutes.

As she struggled to pull the ridiculous dress off, Geoff taunted: “Oh no, it’s a bit late for a striptease Yasmeen. That ship has well and truly sailed.”

She tumbled to the floor wailing: “I just want you to love me like you used to.”

He replied: “Oh please, can you hear yourself? What is there to love? A scrawny pathetic lapdog.”

Picking up fistfuls of chips he added: “Do you want a chip, little doggy? Have another, have another. Fetch!

“Those escorts could show you a thing or two. That’s right, escorts – plural. They’re all about the buzz and the banter. Don’t stand there feeling sorry for yourself you bony old bore. You drove me to it.”

Grabbing a knife, he added: “Maybe I should kill you – do the world a favour. Would anyone really notice if you were gone?”

At that, Yasmeen picked up a wine bottle and smashed abusive Geoff around the head before blunging the broken glass into his neck.

As the Coronation Streets credits rolled, he was seen collapsed, twitching on the floor.

Many viewers were horrified by the scenes while others praised the acting from the two leads.

One wrote: “So harrowing and hard to watch his controlling and coercive behaviour towards Yasmeen over the last few months.”

Another tweeted: “It’s a pity the british soap awards aren’t going ahead this year because yasmeen’s storyline would claim every award going.

“The entire thing has been handled brilliantly right down to the very last detail. ian and shelley have been phenomenal throughout.”