Coronation Street Villain Revealed as Air Fryer on The Masked Singer, According to Fans


Fans Convinced of Culinary Costume's Identity

Fans of The Masked Singer are buzzing with excitement as they believe they have uncovered the true identity of the celebrity behind the Air Fryer costume. Many are convinced that the Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters is the one hiding behind the mask.

Social Media Speculation

Viewers have taken to social media to share their thoughts on who they think Air Fryer really is. Some fans pointed out that Wendi Peters recently joined the cast of Sister Act The Musical, which lines up with one of the clues given during the show. Others noted that the sparkly outfits worn by her Corrie character, Cilla Battersby Brown, match the bling seen on the Air Fryer costume. Additionally, the star on the floor during Air Fryer's performance could be a reference to Cilla's storyline in Coronation Street.

Wendi Peters' Background

Wendi Peters is best known for her role as Cilla Battersby Brown in Coronation Street. She played the love interest of Les Battersby and has appeared in the show multiple times. In addition to her work on Corrie, Wendi has also starred in BBC One's Doctors and ITV's Midsomer Murders. She has an extensive stage career, with credits including You Are Here, Bang Bang, White Christmas, Quartet, Oh, What A Lovely War!, and Rutherford & Son.

Other Guesses and Speculation

While Wendi Peters seems to be the frontrunner among fans, other names have also been thrown into the mix. Some viewers believe that Keala Settle, known for her powerful voice, could be the celebrity behind the mask. Rebel Wilson, the Hollywood actress, has also been mentioned as a possible contender. Andi Oliver, a star of Great British Menu, has also been speculated as the mysterious Air Fryer.

With the rise of The Masked Singer's popularity, fans eagerly await the unveiling of Air Fryer's true identity. Until then, the speculation continues.