Coronation Street will air an EXTRA episode this week heres why and what time you can catch Corrie on ITV


IT’S the week Coronation Street fans affectionately call Super Soap Week following the past few years dramatic happenings.

Thanks to that old terror of soap fans, The Football, Corrie viewers have just had to cope with an entire WEEK away from their Weatherfield favourites.

Coronation Street will air an extra episode this week” width=”768″ height=”512″ />
Coronation Street will air an extra episode this week

Because of our lads clashing with the Czech Republic and Bulgaria last week, Coronation Street fans went an entire SEVEN DAYS without vising the worlds most famous cobbled street.

But, to make up for that huge loss, this week Corrie will air SEVEN explosive episodes, which will see the death of long-term favourite, Sinead Tinker.

It will also see David Platt faced with one of the most difficult decisions of his life as hes handed rapist Josh Tucker and a pair of scissors during a riot that breaks out at the prison.

What will he do?

Daniel kiss Bethany in Coronation Street this week
Daniel kiss Bethany in Coronation Street this week

While Daniel leaves wife Sinead with the palliative care nurse, hes alarmed when he spots Kirk, Beth and Craig in festive jumpers.

As they tell Daniel that theyve planned an early Christmas for Sinead, he responds that shes far too poorly for anything like that,

But, having followed Daniel outside and seen Kirks efforts with a snow machine, Sinead insists its the best idea ever.

Later, along with Beth, Kirk, Craig, Tracy and Ken, Sinead settles down to enjoy her last Christmas lunch with her family and Daniel.

But tensions are high and before long Sinead is telling an over-protective Daniel that hes not wanted at the celebrations causing him to storm out.

When hes left, Sinead assures everyone that hell be back once hes cooled off. An agitated Ken offers to go after him.

Meanwhile, outside, struggling to cope a broken Daniel collapses in tears in the ginnel where hes found by Bethany Platt.

A distressed Bethany tries to comfort Daniel, but the heightened emotions push them closer together and before long, Daniel kisses Bethany.

Stunned and love struck, Bethany kisses him back, but Ken catches them. He furiously barks that Daniel goes home to his dying wife, while Bethany slinks off in tears.

Corrie is back for its usual double bills tonight and Wednesday this week. Theres also an extra episode at 20.30 on Thursday and an hour long episode on Friday from 7.30.