Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne terrifies escort Nicky as he crashes her ‘date’


CORONATION Street’s Daniel Osbourne will continue his creepy ways as he crashes escort Nicky’s date.

Corrie fans have seen Daniel become increasingly needy towards the escort whom he hired to wear his dead wife Sinead’s clothes and perfume while he tells her about his life.

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne is played by Rob Mallard

Nicky has started to distance herself from Daniel played by actor Rob Mallard and devastates him when she pretends she’s too busy to see him.

But when she says she’s too busy to meet him and suggests he contacts her pal Cherry, Daniel gives her a ring and then realises that Nicky (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) was not interested in working with him again.

Then he spots her at Ray’s bistro with one of his business associates and cannot contain himself, leaving Nicky and everyone horrified.

As he confronts Nicky, she backs away in fear after telling him “I already told you I was busy for the rest of the week”.

A business associate of Ray stops by the bistro to pick up some contracts
But his date comes in and it’s revealed to be the escort, Nicky
She is horrified as she spots Daniel in the bistro

Daniel insists: “I need to see you.”

A terrified Nicky replies: “No, what you have to do is go over there and not hassle me.”

He then offers to pay double whatever her date had agreed to pay her before things escalate out of control and the police get involved.

Daniel offers to put in a word with police, but Nicky reminds him to think of his son, Nicky.

Nicky tells him to back off as she starts to worry about how creepy he is behaving
Her date then confronts Daniel and leaves Nicky high and dry

Actor Rob Mallard – who plays Daniel on the ITV soap – told TV Times that Daniel is yet to grieve properly for Sinead and face up to her death. 

He explained: “When Daniel is on the cobbles or with his family, he is acting as though he has found a way to move forward.

“The reality is that behind closed doors he hasn’t moved on at all.” 

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