Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe to get worse as son Tim refuses to forgive his evil abuse


CORONATION Street’s Geoff Metcalfe sees losing son Tim as the end of his reasons to hide his evil, Ian Bartholomew has said.

The actor – who has played evil Geoff since March 2018 – has been slowly exposed as an abuser but it is his son Tim realising what he is that means the end is near for him.

Geoff is going to spiral out of control now Tim knows the truth

Viewers have watched as Geoff has controlled and abused wife Yasmeen until she snapped and stabbed him in self defence.

And recently Tim was confronted with video evidence of his abuse of Yasmeen and turned his own dad into the police.

“Now that Tim is in the picture, I think we have to view this as the beginning of the end for Geoff,” Ian told Inside Soap.

Tim wants nothing more to do with his evil dad

“The more out of control he feels, the less in control he behaves – and I don’t think it will end well, whatever happens.”

Geoff’s behaviour getting even worse is bad news for his enemies on the street – with Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya set to take the brunt of it.

But Alya has her own plan to fight back – and she’s determined to expose him by finding his missing wife Elaine.

She was last seen terrified and cowering from Geoff in the alley on the cobbles as he menaced her – and she hasn’t been heard from since.

And Ian has added that Geoff’s comeuppance isn’t far off.

He said: “We love to hate a baddie, and see someone like Geoff get his comeuppance, so I suspect that he will.

“Let’s be honest – Geoff isa going to get it!”