Coronation Streets Katie McGlynn reveals she gained a stone in weight while filming harrowing Sinead Tinker storyline


CORONATION Street star Katie McGlynn has revealed how she gained a stone in weight during filming.

The soap actress, 26, admitted to putting on weight after becoming so invested in character Sinead Tinker’s cancer storyline.

Katie revealed she gained a stone in weight while filming scenes for the ITV soap

Katie bowed out of the ITV soap duringFriday’s heartwrenching episode, as Sinead finally lost her battle to cervical cancer.

But filming the heart wrenching scenes weren’t without its struggles, with Katie often reaching for junk food and takeaways because she became so emotionally entrenched in the part.

The star told the Sunday Mirror: The emotion involved in Sinead dying meant I was just grabbing food and not really thinking about good nutrition.

I was so tired when I got home that Id order a takeaway. On set, there were a lot of chocolates, flap jacks and treats flying around.

The actress became so invested in her storyline
She often found herself reaching for quick meals

Katie said: ‘The emotion involved in Sinead dying meant I was just grabbing food’

Soap bosses offered the actress counselling, but it was only until leaving that Katie felt the toll of the demanding role.

She continued: “I was sitting on my sofa watching the programme in which Sinead is told she has weeks to live, and I started to cry.

The next day I just kept crying. I couldnt stop. I ended up going to see a counsellor who told me that I was mourning Sinead.

A month later I still feel like Im really mourning her. It feels like waves of sadness coming over me.

The star is now back in the gym

Katie has spoken openly about playing the character

She watched her characters emotional final moments with co-star Rob Mallard

“One minute Ill be all right, then the next Im in tears. It might sound weird, but to me Sinead has always been real.”

Earlier this month, Katie revealed her parents had decided not to watch Sinead’s final scenes.

Despite her exceptional performance , mum Ruth and dad Trevor found it difficult to watch the harrowing cancer storyline.

She told the Daily Star: Ive not been able to watch any of it with my family. My mums been really struggling watching it and my dads already said that hes definitely not going to watch it.

“My mum is very similar to me. Shes watched Sinead and shes a massive fan of the show. She feels sad about the story and its me, her daughter dying, and I think shes upset that Im leaving.”

Katie continued: My dad has already said that he doesnt want to watch his daughter die on TV. Hes very black and white. Hell probably just go in his garage, hes got loads of motorbikes. Hes an engineer and he likes messing about with them.

The actress, who joined the soap in 2013, watched her characters emotional final moments in the arms of her husband Daniel, played by Rob Mallard, on Friday night.