Coronation Street’s Rovers Return will be SOLD as Johnny flogs the pub after shock split with Jenny


CORONATION Street’s legendary Rovers Return pub is put up for sale in an explosive new storyline.

Our exclusive pictures show the iconic Cobbles boozer with an estate agent’s board bolted outside after fuming Johnny Connor put it on the market.

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Coronation Street’s iconic Rovers Return Inn is put up for sale on Purple Bricks

The landlord, who has been banged up in jail on historic armed robbery charges, bursts back on the soap next week after getting early release.

However, discovering his wife Jenny has slept with B&B guest Ronnie Bailey he realises his marriage is dead and puts the pub up for sale.

The prospect of the Rovers – a fixture on British TV screens since 1960 – changing hands heralds a new era in the soap, but the identity of the person who snaps it up isn’t yet known.

Out picture shows Jenny, played by Sally Ann Matthews, trying to explain to Shaun Tully and Emma Brooker why the sign has appeared outside the pub.

Jenny Connor has a job on her hands explaining to the regulars what has happened

The landlady is caught out when her husband returns home earlier than expected
Johnny Connor is being released from prison in an explosive storyline next week

The ‘For Sale’ board bears the logo of real-life estate agent Purple Bricks in the latest product placement deal for the soap, which already has tie-ups with Co Op and Costa.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod said: “The upcoming story around the sale of the Rovers Return stems from something exciting that happens between Jenny and Johnny – but it also led to an exciting opportunity to team up with Purplebricks to sell the nation’s most iconic pub.

“The presence of a real Purplebricks sign outside adds a little bit of extra realism to a really relatable story between two of our best-loved characters.”

Purplebricks’ Ben Carter said: “We are delighted to work with Coronation Street to ‘sell’ a true British television icon like the Rovers Return.”

She looks uncomfortable when he quizzes her over who the new B&B guest is
Jenny cheats on jailbird Johnny with flashy entrepreneur Ronnie Bailey

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for the Purplebricks brand to be seen by millions of TV viewers and we look forward to getting it ‘sold’ like we do for thousands of homes across the country every year.”

ITV’s Mark Trinder added: “We’ve successfully integrated product placements into our programmes for a number of years, and Coronation Street has been the most prominent example of this, bringing recognisable brands to viewers.

“This new partnership with Purplebricks gives us an opportunity to do something we’ve not done before with the agreement tying into one of our major storylines, working closely with the editorial and production teams.”