Denise Fox’s Shock Confession Amid Mental Breakdown in EastEnders


Denise Fox's Mental Health Crisis

Denise Fox has been sectioned in a shocking turn of events as her mental health reaches a breaking point. The EastEnders icon's struggles continue as she makes a startling confession while in the hospital.

Haunting Hallucinations and Guilt

Viewers were left horrified as Denise faced spine-chilling hallucinations of Keanu Taylor, leading her to admit her involvement in his death. Consumed by guilt, Denise spiraled out of control, eventually leading to her being sectioned.

Facing the Consequences

In upcoming scenes, Denise's family grapples with her condition as she refuses to see anyone, including loved ones like Jack and Stacey. With secrets at risk of being exposed, tensions rise in Albert Square.

Jack's Discovery

Jack grows suspicious of Denise and Stacey's closeness, prompting him to dig deeper into their connection. Will he uncover the truth about their involvement in Keanu's murder?

What's Next for Denise?

As Denise chooses to stay in the hospital for her well-being, the future remains uncertain. EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One, don't miss the unfolding drama.

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