Does Warren kill Liam in Hollyoaks? Jude Monk McGowan has dropped a huge hint


LIAM is desperate for revenge against Warren after being kidnapped by him and his goons in Hollyoaks.

Jude Monk McGowan – who plays Liam on the Channel 4 soap – has teased that his character massively underestimates what Warren is capable of. But could he end up murdering Liam?

Liam and Warren are new enemies in Hollyoaks

Does Warren kill Liam in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks fans know that Liam and Warren are in the midst of a feud after Liam started threatening Mercedes to shut her up about her shooting.

Mercedes and Warren have their suspicions that Liam was the mystery assailant who gunned her down last year.

But in an effort to save his sister Grace and ex James – the real culprits – Liam has been threatening Mercedes to keep her quiet.

But Warren wasn’t happy when Liam got his goons to smash up her pub.

The rivalry between the villains then came to a nasty head when Warren kidnapped Liam and threatened to kill him depending on the result of a coin toss.

But just when it looked like Warren was going to choke Liam, Warren’s son Joel burst in and stopped him from taking another life.

Begging his dad not to get put behind bars again, he said: “Give [Liam] a final warning. Let him get his priorities straight and be there for his little girl.”

Warren then let Liam go with a warning to keep out of his way.

But with exact plot details being kept under wraps, fans will have to tune in to find out whether Warren finishes off the job and murders Liam in upcoming episodes.

Liam wants revenge against Warren for kidnapping him in Hollyoaks

Does Liam kill Warren in Hollyoaks?

In the wake of Liam’s kidnapping ordeal, his sister Grace encouraged him to hit back at Warren and win the battle.

Fans then watched Liam add Warren’s picture to his dartboard of doom, which he’s been adding to since the death of his little brother Jesse Donovan.

He then enlisted Maxine’s help to seduce and drug Warren but she didn’t manage to go through with it.

But what else does Liam have up his sleeve?

The leap year trailer shows Liam gathering everyone who’s crossed him at the Dog for what he’s calling a “devil’s dinner party”.

The villain then exposes Grace and James as the ones who shot Mercedes to the landlady herself as he holds everyone hostage.

The trailer shows Warren sneaking in as Liam keeps everyone as hostages, but with exact details being kept under wraps fans will have to wait to find out if anyone meets their end during the explosive scenes.

Villain Warren is not one to be messed with in Hollyoaks

What has Jude Monk McGowan said about his character’s feud with Warren?

Actor Jude Monk McGowan has spoken out to reveal that his character Liam Donovan is set to massively underestimate his rival Warren Fox as they go head-to-head in a number of explosive clashes over Mercedes.

“Warren definitely isn’t someone you should underestimate – you do so at your peril,” Jude told Inside Soap magazine.

“But I think, initially, Liam totally does that!”