EastEnders Ben and Callum reunite with steamy sex session in the car lot and fans are thrilled to see them together


EASTENDERS fans were delighted to see Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway back together tonight – as they shared a steamy sex session in the car lot.

However, it didn’t look like they were fully back together, with Ben telling him the hook-up was “a fun mistake”.

Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway got back together tonight

The steamy scenes came about when Callum walked into the car lot, with the pair staring across at each other silently.

A shocked Ben then slowly walked toward his ex, before pushing a pile of papers off his desk and onto the floor.

The pair then began kissing on the desk – as viewers at home cheered for one of the soap’s favourite couples.

One tweeted: “Aww yayyyy Callum and Ben.”

They got down to it on a desk
The sexual tension between them was palpable

Another wrote: “At last a bit of man on man action.”

However, the joy was a little short-lived, as Ben appeared to pour cold water all over a full-time reunion.

The next viewers saw of the pair, Ben was doing his trousers up while Callum buttoned his shirt.

“You know there are easier ways to get a discount on a motor, don’t you?” the scheming Mitchell told him.

They went straight in for a snog

Callum replied: “I’ve missed you” to which Ben added: “I’ve missed you too.”

But when the wannabe policeman asked: “Why’d you break up with me then?” things took a turn for the worse.

Ben said: “This was a mistake. It was a fun mistake, but it was a mistake.”

Callum responded: “I spoke to Stuart. Told me about Sharon and Keanu. Is that why you’ve been acting so strange lately. Did something happen?”

Ben brutally dumped Callum at Christmas telling him: ‘I don’t love you’

Ben swerved the question, telling him: “Look at you. You’re not even a copper yet, asking questions.

“You’re too good for me Callum. That’s the truth. Why don’t you do us all a favour and walk away otherwise this will all end in tears. They won’t be mine.”

Fans were devastated in December when Ben broke Callum’s heart, telling him: “I am not going to ruin you and I am not going to watch you get ruined.

“I don’t love you. And I don’t want your love