EastEnders Cancelled Tonight as Soap Faces Schedule Chaos


Big Schedule Change for EastEnders

The popular BBC soap opera, EastEnders, is set to face a major schedule change this week due to the World Athletics Championship. Viewers can expect to see the show airing on only two nights instead of its usual schedule.

Live Coverage of World Athletics Championship

BBC One will be providing live coverage of the World Athletics Championship from Budapest, resulting in the rescheduling of EastEnders. The soap will only air on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

A Dramatic Week for the Beale Family

As EastEnders undergoes this schedule change, viewers can anticipate a dramatic week for the Beale family. The much-anticipated return of Cindy Beale after 25 years away will shake up the square.

A Shocking Revelation

Walford residents will be left in shock as they discover that Cindy is actually alive, despite believing her to be dead. It is revealed that she had entered witness protection and assumed the identity of Rose Knight. She had lived with her new partner, George Knight, and had two daughters, Gina and Anna. How will they react to Cindy's sudden return?

Thomas Law Returns as Peter Beale

Actor Thomas Law will be reprising his role as Peter Beale. Regarding his return to the show, he mentioned feeling more at ease this time around, thanks to the support of his co-stars Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins.

Law explained, "I had to harness onto the fact that Peter just really loves his mum and dad. That was pretty easy for me to do because I do love them both. That's not to say that I wasn't nervous on the first day on set but all my nerves went away when I started to work with them."

Don't Miss EastEnders

Make sure to catch EastEnders on BBC One and iPlayer, with episodes released on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6am. It promises to be an exciting and eventful week for fans of the long-running soap.