EastEnders fan delighted as ‘unrealistic’ mistake in Queen Vic gets corrected a year after complaint


Attention to Detail

An EastEnders viewer is overjoyed after an 'unrealistic' mistake in the Queen Vic is finally rectified following their complaint from a year ago.

Fans Notice Everything

The popular BBC soap opera has a dedicated fan base known for picking up on even the smallest details within the show.

Gone are the Days of Missing Ice

One fan previously pointed out the absence of ice in drinks served at the Walford pub on the show, but recent episodes have shown a change in this detail, much to the delight of observant viewers.

New Developments

In a recent episode, fans noticed ice cubes in the glasses as Gina served Jay his drink, marking a noticeable improvement in the show's attention to detail.

Concerns for the Queen Vic

While fans are pleased with the ice situation, there are growing concerns about the financial management of the Queen Vic, particularly with the increased frequency of free drinks being given out to customers.

Viewers React

Some viewers have expressed worry over the pub's profitability and future, as they question the sustainability of the ongoing trend of offering complimentary drinks.

Stay Tuned

For those following the drama in Walford, EastEnders airs on BBC One and is also available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.