EastEnders fans all have the same complaint about Stacey Slater amid poverty battle


EASTENDERS viewers point out major blunder in Stacey Slater’s poverty storyline.

The single mum – played by actress Lacey Turner – resorted to desperate measures after stealing cash from an unlocked box in a house she cleaned with mum Jean Slater.

Stacey struggles to make ends meet

Stacey goes to drastic measures to get extra cash

Stacey has been strapped for cash providing for her three kids and grandchild on the way.

She is struggling with the cost of living crisis and fears she won’t be able to feed her kids.

Linda Carter knocked her back for a few shifts a week.

But then Jean managed to secure cleaning jobs in the evenings for them to do for an extra income.

That is when Stacey took drastic action hiding cash in her cleaning bucket – putting herself at risk of being dragged back to prison.

Viewers are in shock at her move.

However some viewers were left baffled to why the family is pleading poverty when there are five other working adults living there.

Cleaner Jean, cab driver Harvey, former lawyer Eve, barman Alfie and chippy worker Freddie all live in the Slater household.

With this in mind, the Slaters shouldn’t be scraping by.

One fan said on a Digital Spy forum: “I don’t get how she can be really struggling with that many adults in the house.

“They must contribute financially. Her kids are all at school (when Lily can be bothered) so she’s not paying for childcare.

“Although he said he’s cutting it down, Ryan pays child support, as must Martin – who is supposedly on some big job abroad to earn more money for the baby.

“Surely Eve can ask Suki to reduce the rent, too.”

Another wrote: “Stacey is constantly moaning that she can’t feed her kids, but like all EastEnders characters who plead poverty, she never goes to the food bank or gets government help.

“Probably because the government would ask why she doesn’t get financial help from the five other adults living in her house.”

A third penned: “This is one of the main reasons the story has no real impact on me. Yes, you can still struggle for money even with many people working, but it just doesn’t feel true to me in this instance.

“Not helped by how many times the Slaters have had these stories, with nothing ever changing.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.