EastEnders fans baffled by Peter Beale’s reaction to missing dad Ian – but does he know where he’s hiding?


EASTENDERS fans were left feeling very suspicious of Peter Beale during last night’s episode when he was confronted about his dad Ian’s whereabouts.

The businessman – played by Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – left Walford on Friday after confronting wife Sharon about her evil plan to kill him with poison.

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Could Peter Beale know where his dad is?

Over the past few months viewers of the show have watched Sharon poison Ian’s food and drink as pay back for not saving her son Denny from drowning.

Ian realised what she was up to and after a huge battle with Sharon in the Queen Vic kitchen, he dumped his phone and hopped on a tube to escape reality.

Ian’s mum Kathy has been very worried about her son and confided in her two grandsons about her worry that he’s not answered his mobile for two days.

But the market trader just wasn’t fussed.

Kathy has been left worried sick about her son Ian

Peter seemed very uninterested in the fact his dad is missing

Considering Peter has had it in for his dad over the past few months, could he secretly be in cahoots with Sharon? Does he know where his dad is and that’s why he’s not bothered?

Peter simply said: “Well you can only miss so many payments where they cut you off I suppose…”

Cathy snapped back: “Peter! This is serious.”

Peter replied: “This is serious… loads of phone providers are going out of business right now.”

Bobby was outraged by Peter’s comments

People have started to notice that Ian looks very unwell – but don’t know Sharon has been trying to kill him

The cafe owner couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing.

She said back to Peter: “There’s just no talking to you right now is there? Well I am going to see Sharon. That woman knows something and I am going to find out what….”

Bobby then expressed his concern, but yet again he showed no interest in his dad whatsoever.

Peter mumbled to his sibling: “Well he’s made his bed. So let him lie in it. Wherever that is.”

Ian fled Walford on Friday night after his showdown with Sharon

Sharon was left panicking when Ian finally confronted her about her evil ways

A worried Bobby shouted back: “Peter he’s been gone for two days!”

The market trader brutally said: “He’s never care about us Bobby. So why should we care about him?”

Peter’s harsh words didn’t sit right with viewers of the soap and many took to Twitter to share their concern.

One said: “Peter really doesn’t care about Ian does he #EastEnders.”

Sharon has been poisoning her husband for the last few months

Another tweeted: “Peter is an a**hole. Ian cared when your mother kidnapped you and tried to kill your father, d***face. #EastEnders.”

A third added: “Peter doesn’t care that Ian is missing #Eastenders”

A fourth chimed in: “Oh stfu peter. Living on daddy’s money and home… but you’re acting like you’re above caring if Ian is dead. #Eastenders”