EastEnders fans can’t stop sobbing over Lola Pearce’s heartbreaking words


EASTENDERS fans’ hearts have been breaking over Lola Pearce’s tragic story.

Lola, played by actress Danielle Harold, has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour in heart wrenching scene on the BBC One soap.

Lola had viewers in floods of tears

Her family were there to support her through the news

During last night’s episode Lola’s diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme was devastatingly confirmed as terminal after Lola’s operation was unsuccessful.

Lola phoned her young daughter Lexi after the operation but could not tell her the whole truth and that she was now facing the last few months of her life.

Fans were left in floods of tears at one very poignant scene where Lola said: “I have to work. I want to keep things as normal as possible until I die. Guys, I don’t want to feel scared of saying that, okay?

“I don’t want people pussy-footing around me and pretending it’s not going to happen because it is, isn’t it? I am going to die.”

Billy, Honey, Ben and Jay proved to be the support system Lola needed as they surrounded her at the hospital.

Lola’s family made a promise to come together and be alongside her ‘every step’ of the way catching the audience right in their feelings.

One fan penned a heartfelt message about the tough scenes, writing: “‘Every step’ [crying face emoji]. Tonight’s scenes are absolutely phenomenal.

“The cast and crew deserve recognition for their amazing work. It’s beyond heartbreaking. It hits really hard. Kudos to the team! Lola surely is the fighter.”

Another fan shared: “Actually so many tears and snot running down my face as I just watched this episode…I am gonna be crying watching every scene with Lola until she dies. this is such a heartbreaking storyline.”

Another fan shared how Lola’s cancer battle had reminded them of one of their own family members.

They wrote: “I was balling at #EastEnders tonight. My Grandma was diagnosed with a late stage tumour and it was horrible to watch it destroy her so fast. Plus I love Lola and Jay’s characters so it’s heartbreaking.”

Danielle opened up about her storyline during an appearance on The One Show where she admitted it was a story that affects not just one person but many people.

The star told hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas: “With a diagnosis like this it doesn’t just affect the person, it massively affects the whole family around that person as well.

“So it’s just so important for us to show all those different dynamics in a disease like that and the families at home and children dealing with it. And I’ve got a little one in it as well, so to show her side of things, to deal with it as a child, is just so important as well, and it’s just been amazing to see that all come together.”

Lola is set to die in the BBC soap

EastEnders airs Lola’s story Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.