EastEnders fans fear for Jean Slater’s mental health as she thinks Daniel has returned from the dead


EASTENDERS fans are fearing for Jean Slater’s mental health after she thought Daniel had returned from the dead.

The cleaner – who is played by actress Gillian Wright in the BBC soap – panicked when she received a posthumous present from Daniel in the form of a giant box.

Jean was horrified thinking Daniel was back again


As Stuart and Big Mo dragged the huge box inside and told Jean it was from Daniel, she misunderstood and immediately thought he had faked his death again.

She shouted: “No, no he can’t keep doing this to me, it’s not funny. Get out!”

But after it was explained to her that it was a present from Daniel and not the man himself, Jean calmed down.

Instead there was a piano in the box with a note telling Jean: “Enough moping. Silence is not golden. Be more Jean.”

She thought Daniel was in the box

Later when Tommy began playing the piano, Jean again thought Daniel had returned and was playing it for her.

However with Jean having stopped taking her bipolar medication after her run in with Suki Panesar, Jean has been behaving more and more erratically.

And her thinking Daniel was still alive was another consequence of that.

It’s left fans fearing for Jean’s mental health as she copes with her illness without the medication that keeps her stable.

One wrote: “OH NO! Jean actually thought Daniel was alive & playing a joke. #EastEnders”

A second said: “Did jean just ask if Daniel was playing the piano? Daniel. Who is dead. #eastenders”

Another added: “They’re finally acknowledging Jean not taking her meds! #EastEnders”

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