EastEnders fans fear Lucas has killed off Denise as Chelsea finds her necklace in trashed home


EASTENDERS fans fear Lucas may have murdered Denise after Chelsea finds her necklace in her dad’s trashed home.

Chelsea continued to hatch her evil plan after she snuck some drugs into Lucas’s suitcase.

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EastEnders fans fear Denise has been murdered by Lucas
Chelsea found her mum’s necklace in Lucas’s trashed home

She is desperate for her dad to go to Ibiza with her so she can set him up for carrying drugs.

However, what Chelsea does not know is Lucas is aware of her plans and ensures they miss their flight as he watches her converse with the cab driver, who she is part of the drug organisation with, from the upstairs window.

After knocking on the door and getting no answer, a frustrated Chelsea goes to E20 and tries to reason with her drug dealer on the phone after failing to go to Ibiza with Lucas.

In the square, Denise sees her daughter rush off in a huff and finds Lucas at home and winds him up about how evil he is.

Lucas flew into a rage after Denise confronted him at home

Lucas, who has given his life to God ever since he terrorised Denise and spent time in prison, tried to suppress his anger but Denise’s words clearly struck a nerve as he completely snapped.

He smashed up the flat and yelled: “I know you hate me, I know my own daughter hates me, EVERYBODY HATES ME!

“When you absorb that much hate, there’s only one thing you become.”

Later, after speaking with Billy, Vinny was walking past Lucas’ flat and noticed the door was open and a spot of blood on the steps.

Chelsea wanted to set her dad up carrying drugs into Ibiza

He would tell Jack and Chelsea who were at Denise’s house and rushed to flat 5D.

They arrived to find the flat empty, but found Denise’s necklace lying on the floor, which leaves them fearing the worst.

Viewers were shocked by the scenes and feared for Denise’s safety, especially after what Lucas has done to her in the past.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Has Lucas killed Denise?”

While another remarked: “Blood… omg is Denise okay?”

A third penned: “Lucas got Denise omg.”