EastEnders fans left baffled by Jack Branning and Lucas Johnson scene


Fans puzzled by unexpected phone call

EastEnders fans were left scratching their heads after a surprising phone call in a recent episode between Jack Branning and Lucas Johnson.

Concerns over Denise Fox's mental health

This week, viewers saw both men express worries about Denise Fox's mental well-being, with Lucas expressing concerns about her mental health.

Shocking revelations and unexpected connections

In a twist of events, Denise visited Lucas in prison and made some startling confessions, leading to a surprising call from Lucas to Jack.

Fans take to social media to express confusion

Viewers took to social media to express their confusion over how Lucas had obtained Jack's phone number, sparking a flurry of questions and speculation online.

EastEnders continues to captivate audiences

The popular soap opera airs on BBC One and is also available on BBC iPlayer for those who may have missed the latest dramatic developments.

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