EastEnders fans left scratching their heads as Janine Butcher returns with ‘cringe’ new voice


EASTENDERS fans are cringing over Janine Butcher’s fake accent after her comeback scenes aired.

The scheming superbitch – who is played by actress Charlie Brooks in the BBC soap – made her return this week with a false identity.

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Janine’s new accent confused EastEnders viewers

She is pretending to be a doctor called Dr Judith Bernstein in a scam – and ended up examining Sharon Watts’ son Albie.

She looked the part, dressed in patent stilettos, gold rimmed spectacles and a white jacket.

Clapping eyes on hunky Zack – who had no idea he’d just met one of Walford’s most infamous residents – she said: “Cute.”

Clearly charmed, he said: “I thought you’d be older, Dr Cole.”

And Janine purred back: “Actually it’s Dr Bernstein. Judith Bernstein. I am so sorry I’m late. There is always something keeping me away…

“But, here I am now. Meter’s running. Give me your worst!”

However there was one part of her comeback that distracted EastEnders fans – Janine’s brand new accent.

She sounded nothing like her usual cockney-twanged scheming self.

Instead Dr Judith Bernstein sounded like a posh doctor would.

And fans were very distracted – even calling it “cringe”.

One wrote: “Janine doesn’t sound the same, she changed her voice?”

A second said: “Why is Janine speaking like that I’m cringing.” 

Another added: “Janine, what is this voice? #EastEnders “

The Queen of Walford is finally back in the Square