EastEnders fans shocked as Zack Hudson gets life-changing news


EASTENDERS fans are shocked after Zack Hudson received life-changing news tonight.

The chef – who is played by actor James Farrar in the BBC soap – was left reeling when his old friend Brett turned up in Walford.

Zack has received some shocking news from an old friend

He was told by Brett that he could have contracted HIV

Brett went for a job at Sharon’s gym – but it soon became clear that he had come looking for Zack.

Zack tried his best to avoid Brett – even revealing to his sister Sharon how Brett used to take steroids and shouldn’t be trusted.

He even admitted taking steroids himself – something that he will soon come to regret.

But as Brett finally cornered Zack, he pulled him into an alleyway.

And then he dropped the bombshell on his old pal. 

“I’m HIV positive,” he said.

“You need to get tested. We shared needles don’t forget. And if I’ve got it then you might have it and all.”

Viewers are in shock at the development – and what it means for the people Zack has slept with since coming to the Square.

One wrote: “I tell you what, I’m glad Zack’s HIV storyline is stemming from sharing needles. Showing other ways of catching HIV and the dangers of such things like sharing needles emphasises that it is not a ‘gay disease’ and that anyone can catch it.”

A second said: “Zack could have contracted HIV during his drug days.”

Another even added: “Does this mean they are killing off Zack?”

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