EastEnders Fans Shocked by Ben Mitchell’s Controversial Plan


Ben Mitchell Suggests 'Incestuous' Strategy to Help Friend

EastEnders fans were left appalled as Ben Mitchell proposed an unconventional plan to assist his friend, Johnny Carter. The British soap opera has been embroiled in a dramatic storyline following Johnny's return, where he discovers his mother's struggles with alcoholism. In an effort to protect his mom and seek justice, Johnny turns to Ben for help, leading to a surprising suggestion.

The Shocking Twist: Johnny's 'Incest' Plan

As the two characters discussed their strategy in a cafe, Ben and Johnny realized they needed a recording from Dean, who holds Linda's false confession. Ben playfully advised Johnny to use his charm to obtain the recording, even suggesting that Johnny sleep with Dean. However, fans were quick to notice that Dean is Johnny's biological uncle, sparking a wave of shock and criticism.

Fans Point Out the Oversight

Many viewers took to social media to express their disbelief at the suggestion of an incestuous relationship between Johnny and Dean. Some questioned whether the writers had forgotten the family relation, while others were simply taken aback by the idea. The revelation prompted discussions about the intricacies of the EastEnders storyline and the attention to detail in character relationships.

Despite the controversy, the episode continued with Linda eventually confessing to Johnny about Keanu's murder, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

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