EastEnders fans spot Ian Beale’s hilarious DVD collection – including rental copy of Casanova


EASTENDERS fans were left in stitches after spotting Ian Beale’s hilarious DVD collection.

Viewers were thoroughly amused when they noticed the businessman’s rental copy of the 2005 Heath Ledger film, Casanova, hiding behind a framed photo of his daughter, Lucy.

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EastEnders fans were left in stitches over Ian Beale’s DVD collection

Also in the collection was the 1984 musical drama, Footloose starring Kevin Bacon and the 2005 Bill Murray comedy, Broken Flowers.

Fans of the BBC One soap took to Twitter to applaud the “fine taste” of Ian (played by Adam Woodyatt).

“Stunned to see on tonight’s Eastenders that Ian Beale has a DVD of Jim Jarmusch’s BROKEN FLOWERS. Fine taste sir!”

Another shared a screenshot of the DVDs lined up on a shelf and wrote: “There’s two things wrong with this picture in #EastEnders, and it’s not Lucy Beale.

“It’s the #DVDs behind the picture. #Footloose is upside down, and #Casanova is a rental copy. I blame the props department, not the Beales! Apart from #Cex maybe, no #DVD rental copies anymore!”


They spotted rental copies of Casanova, Broken Flowers and Footloose

Ian hit the headlines earlier this week when he lied about how Dennis Rickman died to his son, Peter.

He tearfully broke down as he recounted the horrifying moment he tried to save the teenager and failed.

But he left out key elements of the River Thames disaster that saw Sharon Mitchell’s son drown – including locking Dennis in a room on the doomed boat.

Ian had learned he was behind the online bullying of his son Bobby Beale and was out for revenge.

Instead of coming clean to suspicious Peter he claimed that Dennis had got so drunk that he trapped himself in the room below deck.

However, a flashback scene aired during their chat which contradiction his story, and it sparked fury amongst fans of the BBC One soap on Twitter.

One said: “Are we sure Kathy actually gave birth to Ian?”

It comes after fans raged that Ian lied about Denny’s death to his son Peter

They went on: “This is the 51st ninetieth lie he’s told in the last two weeks and he’s crying without his face being wet. Kathy must’ve picked Ian up from somewhere as a baby.”

Another said: “Ian making a snowball out of lies. You keep rolling that thing, Ian.”

A third viewer ranted: “EastEnders Ian Is A Pathological Liar.”