EastEnders Lacey Turner reveals decision not to breastfeed son Trilby after he was born prematurely


EASTENDERS actress Lacey Turner has revealed she decided not to breastfeed her son Trilby after he was born prematurely.

The baby was rushed off to a specialist unit after arriving two weeks early – and the 32-year-old decided it was more important to get him fed than worrying about how she was going to do it. 

Lacey Turner has revealed she won’t be breastfeeding her son Trilby

Opening up about her options at the time, the actress – who is mum to 18 month old Dusty – explained to Sunday Mirror’s Notebook:  “I was 50/50 about doing it. I found it really difficult last time and Dusty found it stressful but I kept an open mind.

“But then when he had to be in special care, I thought, ‘Instead of trying my hardest to pump and get everything going, let’s just keep it as easy as possible for everybody and keep him fed.’

“He has his last feed at 11pm and then he wakes up around 3am, and then he’s not up again until 7am!”

The baby was born prematurely so Lacey was forced to make a decision quickly

Lacey’s daughter Dusty is loving being a big sister

Trilby spent two days in the special care unit at Watford General Hospital, which meant Lacey didn’t seem him for nearly a whole day while he received treatment. 

And her husband Matt didn’t see him at all as only one parent was allowed in due to Covid.

Lacey – who is famed for playing Stacey Slater on the BBC soap – previously revealed she only packed some mini eggs and a nightie when she went to hospital because she didn’t expect her son to arrive so early.

But now he’s home, Trilby has slotted right in and Dusty is delighted to be a big sister.

Lacey’s husband Matt was unable to visit Trilby in hospital due to Covid restrictions

Speaking to Loose Women about how Dusty is doing, Lacey said: “She’s so amazing, incredibly bossy.

“She is the best babysitter I’ve ever had.

“I’ve got her a pram that is her height, so she pushes him around the kitchen.”

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