EastEnders: Phil Mitchell’s dangerous proposition explained as Callum storms off on the day of Ben’s hearing operation


EASTENDERS’ Phil Mitchell draws his son Ben back into the criminal world in upcoming scenes and asks him to find out information about the police from boyfriend Callum.

Callum storms out of hospital on the day of Ben’s hearing operation when he realises what Phil and Ben are up to. So what is Phil’s dangerous business plan? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Phil turns down an offer from gangster Danny and uses Ben instead in EastEnders

What is Phil Mitchell’s dangerous proposition for Ben in EastEnders?

EastEnders are yet to confirm specific details of Phil’s business plan but, knowing Phil’s sketchy past, it’s unlikely to be anything above board. 

Official EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Phil heads over to The Vic next week to discuss his buying deal with Mick and Linda. 

But he’s dismayed to realise that evil Danny Hardcastle – who has dodgy history with Phil after they took part in a money-laundering business in Spain together – has been snooping and heard every word. 

Knowing that Phil needs some extra cash, Danny tries to tempt him with a lucrative and dodgy job.

Ben can never say no to his father Phil in EastEnders

But later at The Arches, when Danny mocks Ben’s hearing loss, Phil bursts into a rage and turns down Danny’s offer. 

Later, Phil asks Ben to help him with his own plan and Ben, who’s always desperate to please his dad, agrees despite feeling uneasy about his upcoming operation. 

Fans are convinced Phil’s plan will only end in tears and worried about how it will impact Ben and Callum.

One fan tweeted: “It’s so frustrating that Ben can never cut his ties with Phil or with crime. He wants to do better for Callum, but keeps getting dragged back in.”

Another added: “The #Ballum spoilers and the subsequent reactions to them are really highlighting who in the fandom knows and truly understands the trauma, history and dynamic of the Phil/Ben relationship and how it impacts Ben’s life and his decisions.”

Callum is furious with Ben and storms out of his operation in EastEnders

Why does Callum storm off on the day of Ben’s hearing operation in EastEnders?

As the day of Ben’s operation arrives, Phil tells him the details about their job and asks him to fish for information from Callum about what the police might know. 

Despite feeling unwell, Ben heads to his operation with Callum. 

But when Callum realises that Ben is digging for information, he’s furious with Ben for putting his job at risk and storms off

Ballum have broken up before over Ben’s illegal activity

Is Phil going to cause Callum and Ben to break up in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans know that Callum is dating Ben on the condition that leaves his criminal past behind him.

When Callum dropped the bombshell that he wanted to join the police last year, the couple went through a rocky patch. 

But they eventually stayed together when Ben promised to turn over a new leaf and leave his criminal life in the past. 

But when Ben got involved in Phil’s revenge plot against Sharon’s mystery lover and returned home covered in blood, Callum confronted him and Ben eventually dumped him. 

Could the couple be in for another split when Phil tempts Ben to turn back to the dark side in upcoming scenes?

EastEnders are keeping shtum about Ballum’s fate, and fans will have to tune in to find out. 

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