EastEnders revealed Kush Kazemi’s murder four months ago in spooky Christmas prediction


EASTENDERS fans have spotted a clue that suggests Kush Kazemi’s death was hinted at at Christmas.

The market trader – who was played by actor Davood Ghadami in the BBC soap – was killed by serial killer Gray Atkins on Monday.

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The Christmas meal suggested Kush would be the first to die
Fans think they have spotted a clue that tipped them off

He was pushed under an on-coming tube train while attempting to flee to Dubai with Whitney Dean and his son Arthur.

There was a violent struggle but ultimately Kush ended up crushed and Gray went home to count his kills after previously killing wife Chantelle and Tina Carter.

However, eagle-eyed soap fans think his death was foreshadowed four months ago at Christmas.

On Christmas Day Kush joined the Slater family and their guests for their Christmas lunch.

Gray murdered Kush in cold blood

He violently pushed him into the path of an oncoming train

There was Stacey, Kat, Martin, Ruby, Jean, Mo, Tommy, Bert, Ernie, Lily, Arthur and Hope in attendance.

That means – including Kush – there were 13 people present at the dinner table – and that is a superstition apparently.

According to a user on Walford Web, the first person to stand is the next to die.

They wrote: “There’s a superstition about that,’ they said, ‘whoever stands up first, dies next.

“I think it’s a superstitious Biblical throwback. (Jesus and the 12 disciples, homeboy was the first to stand up and make a speech and next thing you know he’s being crucified).

“Kush was the only standee… if he ends up dying then we’ll know they’ve possibly factored that in (unless it was a very strange coincidence)!”