EastEnders’ Sharon is only pretending to forgive Phil to get the Queen Vic say fans


EASTENDERS fans are convinced Sharon Watts is only pretending to forgive ex Phil Mitchell – so she can get him to buy the Vic for her.

Last night the former landlady of the pub – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – told her friend Linda that she had been happy growing up in the pub.

Sharon and Phil reunited tonight

She told Linda, who is selling the boozer: “I wish I could go back, growing up in this place we had our dramas and then some but life just felt a bit simpler back then. I was happy.”

And later Sharon seemed to forgive Phil abruptly.

Sharon went on to withdraw her police statement about the Keanu’s death attempt by Phil, and secured his freedom from the police.

But in a bombshell twist the pair then reunited with a passionate kiss.

She told him: “What I said yesterday about a piece of paper not making you his dad – it’s true it doesn’t.

Fans are convinced Sharon will return to the Vic after saying it was where she was happy
Phil broke down in tears at his reunion with Sharon

“But when you helped him with his homework and got it all wrong or when you grounded him and caved an hour later or when you took him to the football and threatened to lamp the ref if he booked him – that’s what made you his dad.

“It was those times. Phil he loved you, he loved you so much..”

An emotional Phil replied: “I know he did and I should have protected him. That was my job and I didn’t do it. I should pay, I need to pay Sharon.”

But Sharon tried to reassure him, telling him: “It was my job too. Phil we can’t keep doing this to ourselves. It’s no good for anyone, not for us, the kids, the grandkids, me, I’ve lost Denny and he’s never coming back. I don’t think I could lose you as well.”

She then moved in for a kiss and fans are convinced Sharon is scamming Phil to get her beloved pub back.

One wrote: “I think Sharon is playing Phil, she’s gonna take his money and use him to buy the Vic for her. #Eastenders @bbceastenders”

A second said: “Is Sharon using Phil for money for the Queen vic? #Eastenders”

Another added: “Phil and Sharon belong together. And it looks like they will own the Vic next. Love it! #EastEnders”