EastEnders spoilers: Kheerat Panesar furious as Ravi sets his sights on Stacey Slater

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AFTER months spent apart, Stacey Slater and Kheerat Panesar have made their relationship official.

But the EastEnders businessman played by Jaz Deol is left fuming when Ravi Gulati tries to charm his partner.

Ravi Gulati is wreaking havoc in Albert Square

He’s recently found his way into Suki Panesar’s life

But he’s also set his sights on Stacey Slater, much to Kheerat Panesar’s annoyance

Aaron Thiara was first introduced to BBC One viewers as Ravi when Phil Mitchell was trying to avoid a horrible death behind bars.

As viewers may remember, Ravi agreed to protect Phil on the condition he received information about Kheerat.

Since then, the criminal has been released from prison and made his way to Albert Square ready for a fresh start.

However, this has led him straight to Suki Panesar for whom he murdered his own father Ranveer after the latter tried to rape the owner of the Minute Mart.

Ravi then began to keep an eye on her as she struggles with her guilt over Ranveer’s death, unaware she didn’t actually kill him.

To make matters worse for her, Kheerat is unwilling to settle their differences with her after finding out she’s partly responsible for Jags’ death.

Coming up, Kheerat rethinks his feud with his mother after chatting with Stacey Slater (portrayed by Lacey Turner) but he’s rattled when he learns Ravi is moving in with Suki with his son Nugget.

Eve Unwin sees Ravi taunt Kheerat about looking after Suki, her love interest, and she tells the businesswoman what’s happening.

But more tension arises between Ravi and Kheerat when it’s clear the former is ready to steal another woman who’s important to him.

Kheerat tells Stacey about his issues with Ravi.

Yet it’s only when Ravi tries to seduce her that the owner of Stacey’s Baps understands what her boyfriend means.

Stacey wants to make things clear – she’s only committed to Kheerat.

This prompts her to purposefully kiss Kheerat in front of Ravi.

But will it be enough to stop him from going after her?

Ravi first set his eyes on Stacey upon his arrival in Walford and before he reconnected with his corrupt father Ranveer.

Stacey was left unimpressed by him.

While the conflict between Kheerat and Ravi was made abundantly clear right from the get-go, could it lead to a full-blown love triangle?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Ravi first ran into Stacey upon his arrival in Walford

Will he try to pursue her?
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