EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy reveals hilarious blunder after celebrating milestone birthday


EASTENDERS star Natalie Cassidy has revealed that her sister-in-law ‘s pal had accidently sent her a 50th birthday card to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Natalie, 40, shared the hilarious blunder with fans on social media.

The Eastenders star revealed the blunder on Instagram

Natalie who has played Sonia Fowler for many years showed the card to her camera on social media

She explained: “So a lot of you might know I turned 40 at the weekend. It was very very good, I’ve had an amazing, amazing time with all my nearest and dearest.”

Holding up the card to camera, Natalie added: “I can’t thank everybody enough, they know that anyway. But I wanted to show you this because this really topped it off. I mean when I opened the Happy 50th [card], I did think, well I don’t know what I thought.”

She continued: “But it was from my sister-in-law’s lovely friend Sal. So Sally, you made it, you made it my best best card of the weekend. And I shall be putting it away and whacking it up in ten years.”

Making the most of the moment, she then continued saying: “Mind you. you’ll probably send a 60 one then. But yeah, I really appreciated it. You must have thought I looked very, very young for 50 lets be honest. Cheers.”

And luckily for Natalie’s friend Sally, fans were quick to see the funny side.

One fan said: “You don’t look 50 at all, you look so much younger love.”

Another said: “What has Sally have to say about this?”

And a third added: “It’ll fly by! Keep hold of it and save Sal some money. Ps Happy birthday.”

Natalie was surrounded by all of her Eastenders co-stars including Jessie Wallace, Lacey Turner, Dean Gaffney and Danielle Harold.

And Natalie’s boyfriend, cameraman Marc looked in high spirits as he partied the night away at the pub in Essex.

Natalie first joined the popular BBC soap in 1993 playing Sonia Jackson. After a couple of departures, Natalie returned for good in 2014.

Natalie was surrounded by her boyfriend Marc and her two children along with her Eastenders co-stars

Natalie enjoyed her birthday celebrations

Jessie Wallace, Lacey Turner and Danielle Harold were among a few who attended Natalie’s 40th birthday

Eastenders stars were out in force to celebrate Natalie’s birthday