EastEnders: who was Dennis Rickman’s father and who killed him?


EASTENDERS fans were devastated when Dennis drowned after being locked below deck during the soap’s anniversary boat crash. 

Sharon is on the warpath against Phil for causing the crash which killed her son but who is Denny’s real killer? Here’s everything you need to know about Dennis Rickman in EastEnders…

Dennis Rickman Jr is the son of Sharon’s lover and adoptive brother Dennis Rickman

Who killed Dennis Rickman in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans know that Dennis was accidentally killed by Ian Beale after he locked the teen in a room below deck on the party boat. 

Ian had discovered that his son bobby had been facing Islamophobic abuse at the hands of Dennis, and decided to teach him a lesson. 

But disaster struck when the boat crashed and water came cascading into the rooms below deck – where Sharon’s teen son was trapped. 

When a flustered Ian waded to the door to let Dennis out, he clumsily dropped the keys before panicking and fleeing the scene. 

Ian came back for Dennis and eventually managed to drag him out of the room, but it was too late by the time they got to the surface – and Dennis had drowned. 

Ian looked on in horror as the teen was pronounced dead on the spot. 

Ian Beale accidentally killed Dennis when he locked him below deck on the EastEnders boat party

When is Dennis Rickman’s real killer exposed in EastEnders?

Ian has been hailed a hero for his attempts to rescue Dennis.

But little does Sharon know that he’s to blame for her son getting trapped below deck in the first place.

At the moment, Sharon is on the warpath against Phil after discovering he was the one to cause the boat crash as he fought with Keanu aboard the vessel, and is even set to launch at him with a knife next week.

However – as fans will know – Dotty is onto Ian after stumbling across Dennis’s voicemail to his mum begging Ian to let him out of the room as water came cascading in.

Dotty issued Ian with an ultimatum – give her the keys to the Arches or she’ll expose him for killing Dennis.

Even if Ian can keep Dotty quiet, secrets rarely stay hidden in Walford and the Square are bound to find out about Ian’s antics sooner or later.

But with exact plot details being kept under wraps, fans will have to tune in to find out whether Ian is exposed – or if Phil takes the fall.

Sharon named her son after her lover Dennis Rickman after he died in her arms

Who was Dennis Rickman’s dad in EastEnders?

Dennis’s father was Sharon ‘s lover Dennis Rickman, who also happened to be her adoptive brother.

Dennis Rickman was the son of Sharon’s adoptive father Den Watts who entered the world after he had a fling with a woman named Paula Rickman.

Sharon named Denny after his father when he was stabbed to death by gangsters and died in her arms.

Sharon was only three months pregnant with Denny at the time.

Just like his troublesome father Den Watts, Dennis Rickman became involved in gangs and often acted out at school on the soap.

Denny Jr then turned out to be a chip off the old block.

The teen famously threw a punch at Sharon after she lashed out and hit his drug dealer friend Stix.