Emmerdale fans all have the same complaint as Leyla Cavanagh relapses


EMMERDALE fans all have the same complaint after Leyla Harding tried to relapse on drugs.

The wedding planner – who is played by actress Roxy Shahidi in the ITV soap – was left devastated after discovering Liam and Bernice had kissed at Christmas.

Leyla will be forced to explain herself

After the shock of discovering her estranged husband had kissed his ex Bernice, Leyla was devastated.

Liam tried to explain to her but she was too hurt to listen.

“I have no interest in getting back with Bernice,” he told her.

“I know the things that have happened between us make it look like that’s the case but it’s not. It was just a drunken mistake and you are owed an explanation. 

“I just wanted to come over here and make sure you’re not upset.”

“I am owed respect,” Leyla fumed.

“You’re such a hypocrite. One minute you’re making out like you care about me and the next minute you’re pushing me to sign the divorce papers. 

“Just get out. You can’t just switch it on and off. I don’t want anything to do with you. Just get out. Liam, get out.”

Once he was gone, Leyla spiralled out of control and began desperately searching through her wardrobe for something.

Having tipped out the contents of half her handbags, she found what she was looking for – but the small bag of drugs was empty.

Quickly grabbing her phone, Leyla scrolled down to her dealer Callum’s name.

But fans all have the same complaint – saying Leyla is the cause of her own problem.

One wrote: “Am I missing something? Wasn’t it Leyla who kept doing a runner when Liam was trying to make it work? Ahhh. Forbidden fruit”

A second said: “Why is that when the women in Emmerdale do something wrong, somehow they end up playing the victim. Leyla was the addict, she did all sorts and walked out on Liam, now he wants to move on there are tears and poor me.”

Another added: “really Leyla?? what kind of low is that??”

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