Emmerdale fans all say the same thing about David Metcalfe’s business woes


EMMERDALE fans have blasted David Metcalfe for claiming the pandemic destroyed his business – and not his months of holidays.

The shopkeeper – who is played by actor Matthew Wolfenden in the ITV soap – claims he has a mountain of debts over the pandemic’s effects on his business.

Emmerdale fans were quick to call out David Metcalfe after he blamed the pandemic for ruining his business
David asked his dad for financial help

However fans have pointed out that he spent more time in Portugal on holiday than working.

In tonight’s episode David asked his dad for a cash bailout after suddenly being unable to afford anything.

“It all started during the pandemic, people started shopping online and stopped coming in,” he told his dad.

“And I got it – why take the risk if you don’t have to? But then when things started to ease, a lot of people didn’t come back. 



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“I wasn’t prepared for that. I kept buying stuff in but things never went back to normal. 

“A lot of my stuff went off because I had to throw it out so I took out a loan, now I’m struggling to pay it back.”

He insisted he didn’t want to ask his dad for money – despite doing just that.

And David revealed how he spent all the money he had saved for Jacob to go to University.

“I can fix this, I just need a little help,” he told Eric.

Pollard agreed to take a look at his accounts and help him but viewers don’t believe a word David is saying.

They called him out over his failing business when he spent months in Portugal instead of actually working.

One wrote: “Wait a minute, wasn’t David been away for months. #Emmerdale”

A second said: “David’s certainly neglected his business. #Emmerdale”

Another added: “#Emmerdale I don’t think Covid ruined your business David, you were missing for months.”